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DBS Library selections are designed to offer softly diffused sunlight during daylight and exterior enhancement at night, when lights are on inside. Available in window frame sizes up to 96”h x 96”w, DBS Library selections are also designed to compliment window frame orientations from square to landscape and portrait.


To preview DBS Library selections in square, landscape and portrait orientations, click on a thumbnail below.

DBS Row 1
Selection Preview Form

Selection Preview Form

To preview a representation how your selection will appear customized to your window frame measurement/s and/or in your own room window/s (up to five windows, per preview), at no cost or obligation, please click on the 'Selection Preview' form below. If you’re ordering, please enter your phone number and shipping address when filling-out your selection preview. We'll email your selection preview along with a secure payment link, within two business days.

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