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Before visiting Adobe Stock selections, please read the following step-by-step recommendations. This will help you streamline your search and choose selections that closely match your window orientation/s. Important: When choosing Adobe Stock selections, be sure to save your selection file number/s so you can enter your selection/s when filling-out your selection preview form.

Step One (Orientation)


Determine the basic orientation (shape) of your window/s: 'Square', 'Vertical' (Portrait) or 'Landscape'. Panoramic Selections: If you're choosing a single selection that will span multiple windows, you can choose both 'Landscape' and 'Panoramic' for window measurements with a combined ratio of 1h. x 2.5w. up to 1h. x 20w. (depending upon the width of the selection).

Step Two

When you visit Adobe Stock’s homepage you’ll notice a menu to the left of the search box that reads ‘All’ by default. Most drop-down options will not apply. However, if you’re searching for photos, we recommend selecting ‘Images' only.

After you’ve selected your search option, enter a topic in the search box, for example; ‘Nature Landscape’ and a gallery of selections will open.

Adobe Home Page
view filters.jpg

Step Three (Search Options)

Click on the ‘View Filters’ button in the upper left hand corner and a list of options will appear. Under 'Price' choose Standard Content'. Under 'Editorial' choose 'Hide Editorial'.

'Depth of Field' and 'Vivid Color'

We do not recommend using either the 'Depth of Field' or 'Vivid Color' options as these options may reduce the printing resolution and color accuracy of the final product.

Step Four (File Number)

After you’ve chosen your menu options, click on any thumbnail and a new window will open.The new window displays a watermarked thumbnail of the selection as well as the selection file number.


Simply copy and paste the selection file number into the 'Adobe Selection/s' field when filling-out your 'Selection Preview' form. If you're choosing more than one Adobe Stock selection, please separate your file numbers with commas.

Untitled-9 copy.jpg

If you’d like to preview a representation how your Adobe Stock selection/s will appear customized to your specifications and/or in your own room window/s, just fill-out our 'Selection Preview' form. Please remember to save your selection file number/s and copy paste your selection file number/s into the 'Adobe Selection/s' field. 


Please allow 2 business days for processing.

Tips For Taking Your Room Window/s Photo: When taking your room window/s photo/s, use as much interior lighting as possible. For best results, please remove clutter from the area around your window/s and take your photo/s directly facing your window/s.

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Selection Preview Form

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