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The above text to image examples represent just a few categories designed to inspire your imagination.

To preview more selections, click on a category.

Text to Image Selections

A lot has changed since we first began developing custom printed window blinds way back in 2001, not only in fade resistant printing but in offering room-transforming selections, as well.


Designs By Spirit text to image selections open a new window of opportunity to create custom selections inspired by your own imagination and designed to compliment your own view. Whether for your home, office or business, let us help you create a truly unique, one of a kind environment that will last for years of beauty, balance and harmony. 

Text to Image Preview Form

Whether for a single window or panoramic view spanning throughout your home, office or business, just fill-out our text to image selection preview form and tell us what you'd like to view. We'll show you just how beautiful your view can be.

Your Own Room Photo

 Upload your own room photo and we'll also show you a representation of your custom view designed to compliment your own room windows. There's no cost or obligation, it's just one more way we help change the way you view window blinds.

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