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 Introducing a room-transforming new product designed to revolutionize the way window blinds are viewed - Designs By Spirit.

Whether our Nature View Selections, Selection Research, Your Own Photos/Files or Custom Storefront Design, we'll help you create a warm, relaxing and memorable environment inspired by your own imagination.

Designs By Spirit Custom Window Blinds
Window blinds with a view...
Designs By Spirit Custom Window Blinds
Designs By Spirit Custom Window Blinds

Designs By Spirit translucent slats are designed to offer both interior and exterior views and come with a five-year fade resistant warranty on all slat inserts and a limited lifetime warranty on all additional components, including: head-rail, bottom-rail, ladder strings & tilt/lift mechanisms.

Designs By Spirit Custom Window Blinds

Continuous Appearance

All Designs By Spirit are custom tiled to create a continuous appearance when the slats are closed and viewable selection even when the slats are opening.

Fade Resistant Printing

We use the latest fade resistant printing and print directly onto the slat surface so there's no bowing, cracking or peeling.

Route-less Slats

Designs By Spirit slats are route-less so there are no route-holes to interfere with the beauty of the selection. Route-less slats also offer tighter closure, enhanced privacy and are easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Designs By Spirit Custom Window Blinds
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