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Designs By Spirit pricing is based upon the total square footage of the blinds you order starting at $188 (24"w x 24"h) or $47, per sq. ft. (shipping & handling included).



  • Custom selection/s created from your text description (up to 3 selections, per submission).

  • Image upscaling to accommodate your submitted window measurements.

  • Custom tiling to ensure your selection creates a continuous appearance when the slats are closed and a viewable selection even when the slats are opened up to a forty-five degree angle.


For orders between 30 and 45 sq. ft., there is a 5% discount and for orders over 45 sq. ft. there is a 10% discount. When you fill-out your selection preview form, we'll also send you a quote based upon the total square footage of your submitted window measurements.


For more information, please contact us.

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